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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sydney Australia is being hammered. LETS GET TALKING

Today, 31st of October Sydney has seen heavy chemtrail activity, Last night was busy as the sky was a familiar streaked haze at 6am.

Please encourage friends and family to look up. I personally take every opportunity I get, and with experience I can now confidently raise 'chemtrails' with most people in most environments.

One of my favs:

When holding a camera,
me "hi"
joe "how ya going?"
me "good, just heading up to the roof!"
joe "...why"
me ".....interested..... aerosol program .... concerned... have a good one! (obviously simplified)

I use a few tricks (pos NLP) to encourage questions, with practice you will find the ways that work best for you. The reason I encourage practice is that it doesn't sound great when we are not only 'fringe' with the conversation, but also unsure and unconfident.

Phil Warinsky

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